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Why a Web Page?

  • Easy way to promote your service or business
  • A website address means you are keeping current and up to date
  • Provide information about your favorite subject, genealogy, fan club, hobby, and receive feedback from others with the same interest who can send you information
  • Advertise your boutique, gift shop, motel, resort, RV Park, hardware, lumber, and etc...
  • Reach thousands of people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (all over the world)
  • People become interested in you or your product by seeing you on the internet
  • Don't get left behind in this fast growing internet market
  • Less expensive form of advertising than magazines, newpapers, television or radio
  • Contact us to get your domain designed today

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TuneUp Utilities

TuneUp Utilities configures your system and provides information. It allows you to customize your operating system to your needs. You can modify optical effects, security settings, input options and the memory management system. You can also change Windows icons. It will manage the programs that are started when Windows boots and provide extensive information about the hardware and software on your computer. It can also repair problems and remove unnecessary clutter.

A lot of unnecessary garbage collects on your hard disk during normal usage. The disk cleaning utility scans your hard disk for unnecessary files and removes them. The registry cleaner removes invalid entries, references and links. It also finds errors and corrects them. By correcting errors in the registry and removing the remainders of old programs your system's performance will be visibly increased.

The memory optimizer monitors your system in the background and automatically optimizes your memory when it's required. TuneUp System Optimizer allows you to run maintenance tasks such as cleaning the hard disk or registry with a simple mouse click. These tasks can also be automated. Optimizing your internet connection is simple and allows you to improve your speed when surfing the Web or downloading files.

Use TuneUp Process Manager to find out which programs are using your memory and to end unwanted applications. TuneUp Registry Editor allows you to safely edit your registry. unnecessary programs can be easily uninstalled using TuneUp Uninstall Manager to recover valuable space on your hard disk. TuneUp Shredder protects your privacy by securely deleting sensitive files and you can recover deleted files using TuneUp Undelete.

TuneUp Utilities

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